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Goblin - Goblin 3-4 Album

Goblin - Goblin 3-4 Album

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Performer: Goblin
Title: Goblin 3-4
Country: Russia
Style: Prog Rock, Soundtrack, Experimental, Electro, Ambient, Breakbeat, Trance, Progressive House, Symphonic Rock
Category: Electronic / Rock / Radio - TV
Rating: 4.5
Label: Домашняя Коллекция, Навигатор


1GoblinPatrick - M 1
2GoblinChi - Part I
4GoblinBass Theme In E
5Claudio Simonetti's GoblinRoller
6Claudio Simonetti's GoblinPhenomena
7GoblinJennifer (Composed By Fabio Pignatelli)
8GoblinThe Rabbit
9GoblinAssociated Dead
10Claudio Simonetti's GoblinZombi
11GoblinFinal White Week
13GoblinJennifer's Friends
14GoblinProfondo Rosso (Main Title)
15Claudio Simonetti's GoblinE Suono Rock
16 1998 - Goblin - Their Hits, Rare Tracks & Outtakes Collection Vol. 3
17GoblinJennifer's Friend (Phenomena)
18 2001 - Goblin - Non Ho Sonno
19GoblinRoller - Dr. Frankenstein
20GoblinE Suono Rock
21GoblinBuio Omega (Main Title)
22GoblinLa Chiesa - The Church (Main Theme)
23GoblinSuspiria (Main Title)
24GoblinLa Via Della Droga - M 6
25GoblinThe Wind
26GoblinNocturne (Take 4)
27GoblinDark Blue(s)
28GoblinNocturne (Take 5)
29New GoblinSuspiria
30 2015 - Goblin - Four Of A Kind
31Cherry FiveUn Mondo Tra Noi Due
32GoblinSquadra Antigangsters - Disco China
33New GoblinMad Puppet
36Claudio Simonetti's GoblinL´Alba Dei Morti Viventi
37New GoblinNon Ho Sonno
38GoblinBuio Omega (Alternate Take Suite)
39GoblinSequential Ideas
41Cherry FiveLa Forza Del Guerriero
42GoblinFlashing (Tenebre)
43GoblinBuio Omega - Strive After Dark - M 6
44Goblin RebirthForest
45GoblinThe Swan Is A Murderer (Part 1)
46GoblinIn The Name Of Goblin
47Cherry FiveIl Pozzo Dei Giganti (Inferno Xxxi)
48GoblinSquadra Antigangsters - Trumpet's Flight
49GoblinDeath Farm
50GoblinSquadra Antigangsters - Sicilian Samba
51GoblinContamination - M 3
52GoblinDeep Shadows (Film Version - Part 1)
53GoblinTenebre (Remix Version)
54GoblinSquadra Antigangsters - Welcome To The Boogie
55New GoblinZombi
56GoblinNocturne (Take 6)
57GoblinSquadra Antigangsters - Banoon
58GoblinProfondo Rosso
59GoblinThe Wind (Film Version Suite 1)
60GoblinThe Wind (Insects - Film Version Suite 2)
61GoblinJennifer (Phenomena)
62GoblinJapanese Air
63 2015 - Cherry Five - Il Pozzo Dei Giganti
64GoblinLa Via Della Droga - M 1 IV
66GoblinSleepwalking (Phenomena)
68GoblinLa Danza (Vocals By Massimo Morante)
69Claudio Simonetti's GoblinTenebre
70GoblinSt. Helen (Love Theme)
71 1985 - Goblin - Phenomena
72GoblinLost In The Universe
73GoblinNocturne (Take 3)
75GoblinL'Alba Dei Morti Viventi
76New GoblinDeath Farm
77New GoblinRoller
78New GoblinTenebre
79New GoblinMagic Thriller
80GoblinBuio Omega - Keen - M 25
81GoblinEndless Love
82GoblinDeath Dies - M 32 (Original Film Version)
83GoblinLa Chiesa - The Possession
84GoblinPhenomena (Alternate Version)
85GoblinLe Castate Di Viridiana
86GoblinRoller - Roller
87GoblinTenebre (Main Title)
88New GoblinL' Alba Dei Morti Viventi
89GoblinThe Swan Is A Murderer (Part 2)
90Goblin RebirthRequiem For X
91Goblin RebirthMysterium
92GoblinJennifer's Friends (Alternative Version)
94New GoblinProfondo Rosso
95 1995 - Goblin - Their Hits, Rare Tracks & Outtakes Collection Vol. 1
96GoblinJennifer (End Titles)
97Goblin RebirthBack In 74
98GoblinContamination - M 8
99GoblinLove & Hate
100GoblinChi - Part II
101GoblinNocturne (Take 7)
102GoblinBlack Forest
103GoblinPatrick - M 32 Bis
105GoblinLanding Strip (Reprise)
106GoblinDeep Shadows (Film Version - Part 2)
107GoblinProfondo Rosso (Remix Version)
108GoblinLa Chiesa
109GoblinMarkos (Alternate Version)
110GoblinNotte (Il Fantastico Viaggio Del Bagarozzo Mark)
111GoblinBass Theme
112GoblinStunt Cars
113GoblinPhenomena (Alternative Version - Bonus Track 3)
114 2015 - Goblin Rebirth - Goblin Rebirth
116New GoblinZaratozom
117 2005 - Goblin - Backtothegoblin
118GoblinWampyr (Finale Title)
119New GoblinSchool At Night
120GoblinMagic Thriller
121New GoblinIntro New Goblin
122Claudio Simonetti's GoblinProfondo Rosso
123GoblinLa Via Della Droga - M 2
124GoblinLanding Strip
125GoblinSleepwalking (Alternative Version)
126GoblinNocturne (Take 2)
129GoblinPhenomena (Film Version 2)
131GoblinAmo Non Amo (Main Title)
132GoblinSquadra Antigangsters - Squadra Antigangsters (Take 1)
133Goblin RebirthDark Bolero
134Cherry FiveIl Tempo Del Destino
135GoblinNon Ho Sonno
136GoblinStrive After Dark (Suite)
137GoblinLa Via Della Droga - 31
138GoblinProfondo Rosso - M 15
139 2014 - Claudio Simonetti's Goblin - The Murder Collection
140GoblinAquaman (Roller)
141New GoblinGoblin
143GoblinPhenomena - M 15 (Alternate Version)
144New GoblinDr. Frankenstein
145GoblinBuio Omega
146GoblinSquadra Antigangsters - Squadra Antigangsters (Take 2)
147GoblinMousse Roll
148GoblinThe Swan
149 1999 - Goblin - Their Hits, Rare Tracks & Outtakes Collection Vol. 4
150GoblinHelycopter (Reprise)
151GoblinBon Ton
152Cherry FiveTerra Rossa
153GoblinPhenomena - M 12
154GoblinSleepwalking (Composed By Simonetti And Pignatelli)
155GoblinProfondo Rosso (Alternate Take)
156GoblinDeath Dies (Profondo Rosso)
157 1998 - The Original Remixes Collection Vol. 1
158GoblinRoller - Snip-Snap
159New GoblinPhenomena
161GoblinLa Chiesa - The Church Revisited
162GoblinKiller On The Train
163Goblin RebirthEvil In The Machine
164Goblin RebirthBook Of Skulls
165GoblinRoller - Goblin
167Goblin RebirthRebirth
168GoblinUneven Times
170Claudio Simonetti's GoblinSuspiria
171GoblinLa Chiesa - Prelude 24 (From Well Tempered Clavier)
172GoblinThe Cat
173Claudio Simonetti's GoblinNo Ho Sono
174GoblinNotturno - Bass Theme
175GoblinPhenomena (Video Clip Version - Bonus Track 2)
177GoblinIl Risveglio Del Serpente
180GoblinRoller - Aquaman
181 2012- New Goblin -Llive In Roma (2CD) CD 2
182GoblinLa Chiesa - Lotte
183 1998 - Goblin - Their Hits, Rare Tracks & Outtakes Collection Vol. 2
184 1983 - Goblin - Notturno
185GoblinPatrick - M34-34 Bis-35
186Cherry FiveDentro la Cerchia Antica (Paradiso XVI)
187 2012- New Goblin -Llive In Roma (2CD) CD 1
188GoblinPhenomena (Piano Solo - Film Version 3)
189GoblinBlind Concert
190GoblinDeath Dies (Film Version - Part 1)
191GoblinSquadra Antigangsters - Trumpet's Flight (Alternate Version)
192GoblinGiana (Alternate Version)
193GoblinThe Pig
194GoblinNon Ho Sonno - Main Title
195New GoblinAquaman
197GoblinPhenomena (Film Version 1)
198GoblinArpeggio - End Title
199GoblinMonster Child (SPFX Bonus Track 1)
200GoblinLa Chiesa - Possessione
201GoblinNocturne (Take 1)
202GoblinProfondo Rosso - M 31
203New GoblinE Suono Rock
204GoblinDlen Dlon


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Back cover mentions year "2001", but actually this compilation was released later.

From back cover:
© 2001 Delta-MM Corp.
© 2001 "Навигатор" (ООО "Программа 2000") www.cdboom.com
Для распространения на территории СНГ и стран Балтии.


  • Copyright (c) – Delta-MM Corp.
  • Copyright (c) – Навигатор


Goblin is the debut studio album by American rapper Tyler, the Creator. It was released on May 10, 2011, by XL Recordings. Goblin continues Tyler's dialogues with his fictional therapist Dr. TC, first heard on his 2009 mixtape, Bastard. The album's songs were produced almost entirely by Tyler himself, along with a contribution from fellow Odd Future member Left Brain. The album features guest appearances from Odd Future members Frank Ocean, Hodgy Beats, Jasper Dolphin, Taco, Domo Genesis, Mike G and. SULLI GOBLIN Release Date: 290619 Genre: Dance, Electronica Language: Korean Track List: 01. 고블린 Goblin Title 02. 온더문 On The Moon 03. Текст песни: De goblin girl From da mystery world Hob-noblin Wit de free to Goblin Goblin Volume III 1978-1984 Buio Omega Main Title, Strive after Dark Suite and more. 16 tracks 68:05. Goblin - Uneven Times. Goblin - In The Name Of Goblin. Goblin - Mousse Roll. Goblin - Bon Ton. Goblin - Kingdom. Goblin - Dark BlueS. Goblin - Love & Hate. Goblin - 008. Total votes: 9. Other albums by Goblin. Goblin, Vol. Your Rating. Overview . Title: Goblin Video 1993. Every Halloween, a small hamlet in the deep woods is visited by a fierce goblin, intent on capturing infants and brutally murdering anyone in its path. Director: Jeffery Scott Lando. Stars: Gil Bellows, Tracy Spiridakos, Camille Sullivan. Play jigsaw puzzles for free Home. Back to the Goblin, 2006. Victor, 02:31. Dlen Dlon, 05:12. Bass Theme In E, 04:17. Hitches, 05:33. Japanese Air, 06:58. See which songs from which albums Goblin played during the Goblin Live in Krems tour